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NS 8S1600U

  • Scalability - up to 4 spinning units in line
  • Continuous feed mode
  • External in-line peripherals
  • External substrate unwind / rewind
  • Automated production control system

NS 8S1600U

Scalable industrial production line

The Nanospider™ NS 8S1600U is our base module for nanofiber production in high volume. It is designed for ease of use, scalability, modularity and flexibility in producing the highest quality nanofibers. The NS 8S1600U is a modular spinning unit configured with 1,6 meters wide spinning electrodes. Up to four NS 8S1600U units can be combined to a nanofiber production line able to produce tens of million square meters of coated material annually.

Number of spinning electrodes per unit: 8
Max. number of units in line: 4
Spinning electrode width: 1600 mm
Spinning voltage: 0 - 140 kV
Operating staff required: 1,5

Recommended air conditioning unit: NS AC1000  or  NS AC2000  


NS 8S1600U product profileNS 8S1600U product profile - 1 100 kB


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