Laboratory equipment for your own experimental work

NS LAB - available as part of your laboratory

State‑of-the‑art equipment for experimental work and product development

NS LAB is compact and affordable laboratory electrospinning equipment which allows for efficient nanofiber research, development of new nanofibrous products, and experimental nanomaterial work

  • For Materials Science
  • Technical textiles
  • Membrane research
  • Experimental research

NS LAB is a compact and affordable research tool. It is based on Nanospider™ technology, just like our industrial lines. This makes research done at the NS LAB easily transferable to an industrial scale.

NS LAB functions and recommended use

Designed to enable basic materials and application research. Various polymers can be used for electrospinning on the NS LAB equipment, thereby producing a wide range of synthetic, organic and biodegradable nanofibers.

Perfect for exploring

NS LAB is ideal for membrane research, air filtration, liquid filtration, medicine and many other applications.

Unique material

The material produced has high air permeability and uniformity compared to needle technologies.

Everything under control

Allows control of all process parameters (voltage, substrate speed, die size, application head speed, wire distance from the substrate, etc.)

Batch operation

Depending on the process settings, operating time ranges from 40 to 100 min with a single dose of 50 ml of solution. If needed, we also offer 10 ml and 100 ml containers.

Choose the right equipment for your research

NS LAB research kit

  • NS LAB device
  • Industrial camera set
  • Standard accessories
  • 1x substrate roll
  • 2x complete two polymer production recipes
  • 12-month warranty
  • Online training
Price on request
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NS LAB research kit + air conditioning unit

  • NS LAB device
  • NS AC150 Air-conditioning unit
  • Industrial camera set
  • Standard accessories
  • 1x substrate roll
  • 2x complete two polymer production recipes
  • 12-month warranty
  • Online training
Price on request
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NS LAB is equipped with an industrial camera

Industrial camera set offers a detailed view of the formation of nanofiber jets on a wire electrode. This enables quantitative image analysis of process specifications related to Nanospider™ technology. The camera can be used with shadow or reflection sensing methods.

Specifications that can be analyzed:

  • Nanofibers formation
  • Density of Taylor cones and their geometry
  • Distance between individual jets
  • Thickness and frequency of deposition of a thin layer of solution on a string electrode

Camera specificatons:

  • Resolution 1 px = 12 μm and higher
  • Exposure time 50 μs and higher
  • Frame rate up to 500 frames/s (or 180 frames/s at full HD resolution)

NS LAB technical specifications

Electrospinning unit
Stationary wire system of electrodes
Number of spinning electrodes 1
Spinning electrode width 350 mm
Integrated one-way substrate material rewinding
Electrospinning tension 0‑80 kV
Unwinding speed up to 5000 mm/min.
Electrode distance from the substrate 120‑240 mm
Effective width of the nanofibrous layer 250‑300 mm
Operating time with one dose of solution (50 ml) 40‑100 min.
Power consumption up to 300 W (without peripherals)
Height 2053 mm
Width 1295 mm
Length 1045 mm
Weight 275 kg
Solution tank volume 10, 50 and 100 ml
Tank cleaning container
Optional Peripherals
(NS AC 150) Air conditioning unit
Industrial camera with adjustable stand

Operating mode Batch
Polymer batch volume 50 ml or 10 ml
Process example for PA6 polymer
Solution viscosity 150 mPa*s
Average fiber diameter 100 nm +/- 20 %
Weight of the nanofibrous layer 2,8 g/m²
Effective width of the nanofibrous layer 300 mm
Air permeability (at 200 Pa) 11,5 l/m²/s +/- 7 %
Total run time per 50 ml dose 100 min.
Polymer solution consumption 0,5 g/min.

Spinning unit
Operating staff 1 person 1 person
Production premises 3×3 meters 3×3 metres
Extraction ventilation connection required
Appropriate exhaust air cleaning required
Necessary fire extinguishing system connection
External grounding is required

Optional peripherals for NS LAB

NS AC150 air conditioning unit

Air conditioning unit designed for Nanospider™ laboratory equipment and small‑volume production.

The NS AC150 unit supplies air with precise temperature and humidity levels to the NS LAB or NS 3S500U. Tightly controlling the temperature and humidity is critical to consistent and repeatable production of nanofiber materials.

Nominal process air flow: 150 m³/hour.

Technical parameters:

  • Inlet temperature: 18,0–30,0 °C
  • Inlet absolute humidity: 1.5-13.0 g/kg dry air
  • Outlet temperature: 20.0-25.0 °C
  • Output absolute humidity: 1.5-9.0 g/kg dry air
  • Output temperature accuracy: +/- 1 °C
  • Output humidity accuracy: +/- 3% RH
  • External pressure: 200 Pa
  • Under the conditions: p=1013 mbar and σ=1.2 kg/m³

* Under conditions: p=1013 mbar and σ=1.2 kg/m³

A chiller is an essential part of the equipment for the operation of the air conditioner. A chiller is a machine for the production of chilled water, which is used to extract the heat developed in various industrial processes.


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