NS 4S1000U

  • Continuous feed mode
  • External in-line peripherals
  • External substrate unwind / rewind
  • Automated production control system

NS 4S1000U

Semi-industrial manufacturing equipment

Elmarco′s NS 4S1000U allows roll-to-roll production of nanofibers on a semi-industrial scale. This electrospinning unit is designed for those ready to scale up their process from a lab concept to high volume production.

  • New product introduction
  • Early stage manufacturing

The Nanospider™ Production Line NS 4S1000U combines single electrospinning unit with external in-line peripherals, designed with 1 meter width and central control system. Ideal equipment for fine-tuning of entire manufacturing process, prior upscaling to full scale industrial production (NS 8S1600U).

Number of spinning electrodes: 4
Spinning electrode width: 1000 mm
Spinning voltage: 0 - 140 kV
Operating staff required: 1

Recommended air conditioning unit: NS AC1000


NS 4S1000U product profile  NS 4S1000U product profile - 500 kB


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