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Elmarco supports your innovation journey from ideation to production and beyond

Can nanofibers help improve the performance of my products? How do I determine what nanofiber production equipment to…

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Nanofibers and their potential in the development of functional clothing

Imagine an asphalt road. On one side you see a hobby jogger, on the other a professional runner. These people have one thing in common - they…


Services in our laboratories

Did you know that you can externally use our laboratories for the parameters measurement of your nanofiber samples?

Technology of future

Nanofibres are the technology of future: What is their attractiveness and where do they help?

Thanks to their unique physical properties, nanofibres can be used in many areas of human activity . It's not just ultra-fine masks and…


Driving forward European fuel cell technology

Read more about driving forward in the GAIA project, which focuses on the development of fuel cell technology.

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Electrospinning Web Series hosted by Dipole and Elmarco

Join us to explore a number of interesting topics from the world of electrospinning! We are pleased to invite you to a series of online…


Elmarco’s line takes part in Hong Kong’s reindustrialisation program

The industrial electrospinning line to be placed in the Advanced Manufacturing Centre in Hong Kong.

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Statement by ELMARCO on the activities of the company Foshan Lepton Precision M & C Tech Co.

Official statement by ELMARCO on the activities of Chinese company Foshan Lepton Precision M & C Tech Co., Ltd.


GAIA Fuel Cells project newsletter

Exciting breakthroughs have been made in all materials development on the way to higher performance MEAs.