Most affordable NS laboratory equipment

Elmarco′s NS LAB is the laboratory electrospinning equipment for efficient nanofiber membrane research and for experimental work. The NS LAB uses the same stationary electrode system as found in industrial Nanospider™ Production Lines, therefore the results from the work on the NS LAB are easily upscalable to the industrial NS electrospinning equipment.

  • Experimental work and product development
  • Basic materials science

Elmarco′s electrospinning equipment NS LAB can be configured to work with a wide variety of polymers and to produce a wide range of organic and biodegradable nanofibers.

Number of spinning electrodes: 1
Spinning electrode width: 350 mm
Substrate speed 0 - 5000 mm/min
Spinning voltage: 0 - 80 kV

Recommended air conditioning unit: NS AC150


NS LAB product profile  NS LAB product profile - 500 kB


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