WEBINAR RECORDING: Introducing Elmarco Incubator Program. How can we help you with the development of a nanofiber-enhanced product?

Jan 30, 2024

Join us at Elmarco Talks where you'll gain valuable knowledge, interact with thought leaders, and connect with a community of professionals passionate about nanofibers and their applications.



What will be discussed?

In our special webinar edition we will unveil the Elmarco Incubator Program - an initiative designed to fast‑track the development of your nanofiber‑enhanced product concepts. This program serves as a collaborative platform, harnessing the creative prowess, knowledge, and expertise of institutions in tandem with our extensive electrospinning experience. Whether you're a startup, small business, or a company in the nascent stages of developing a nanofiber‑related product, this program is tailored to catapult your idea into an industrially viable reality.

In the webinar, we will explore the details of the Incubator Program, giving you a clear understanding of how it works and its advantages. From the application process to the collaborative development phases, we'll guide you through every step.

Don't miss the chance to have your questions addressed by our experts and gain valuable insights into the world of nanofiber applications. Join us in shaping the future of innovation and industrial development in the realm of nanofibers.


About the speakers

Kateřina Rubáčková, Key Account Manager (Elmarco)

Katerina Rubackova gained the education in process technology, and she has been utilizing her engineering experience within Elmarco already for 16 years, starting as R&D researcher, with current position in sales and customer support. She supports customers with training on Lab and Pilot scale machinery, giving a fundamental information about the optimization in electrospinning technology. Her focus among other sales activities is on sales of 0,5 m production UNITs, model NS3S500U. She works closely with product management in machinery upgrades considering the customer feedback.


Tom Birchard, Solution Coordinators Manager (Elmarco)

Mr. Tom Birchard is a seasoned professional boasting over 15 years of expertise in engineering, business development, and project management. Currently at the helm of Elmarco's solutions management team, Tom leads with a mission to create substantial value for our customers. His focus revolves around delivering cutting‑edge turn‑key solutions to facilitate the seamless adoption of nanofiber production technology, ultimately translating inventive ideas into tangible, market‑ready products.


About Elmarco

Elmarco has been operating in the electrospinning machine market since 2004, when we entered into a licensing agreement with the Technical University of Liberec for the revolutionary concept of electrospinning from a free surface that we named Nanospider™. We delivered the first industrial production line based on Nanospider™ technology in 2006, and we established our own 3000 m² research and development center in 2008.


The Nanospider™ machines can produce nanofibers from a wide range of polymers. Our product portfolio includes lab equipment intended for in‑house research and development, semi‑industrial equipment for high value and low volume products, and fully industrial equipment capable of high volume production.

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