Victory in Legal Battle: Elmarco Defeats Chinese Company in Patent Infringement Dispute

Mar 18, 2024

Elmarco recently achieved a significant victory in its legal battle against the Chinese company, Foshan Lepton Precision Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. The dispute centered around patent infringement, with Elmarco protecting its know‑how and, consequently, its products. After lengthy and arduous proceedings in court, the decision was made in favor of Elmarco, with clear consequences for the defendant. They must immediately cease production and sale of devices infringing upon the patent, while also compensating Elmarco for economic losses totaling 5 million Chinese yuan.


The foundation of the dispute was a lawsuit filed by Elmarco in the People's Republic of China Intellectual Property Court, claiming that Foshan Lepton Precision Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. had infringed upon its patent registered in China under the title "Method for Spinning the Liquid Matrix, Device for Production of Nanofibers through Electrostatic Spinning of Liquid Matrix and Spinning Electrode for such Device." The mentioned company had unlawfully manufactured, used, and sold devices that violated this patent protection.


Key to Success

Miloslav Masopust, CEO of Elmarco, describes the key factors leading to this success. "Courage to engage in the dispute and leveraging the expertise of professionals played a crucial role. The company also sought assistance from a patent office representing us, and through collaboration with patent specialists, we achieved a positive outcome," Masopust explains.


This success has significant implications for Elmarco's overall intellectual property protection on an international scale. "This victory will bolster the company's confidence in combating patent and know‑how abuse," emphasized Masopust. He also adds that intellectual property protection is crucial even in countries like China, where it is occasionally considered controversial.



The victory in the legal dispute has also begun to positively influence Elmarco's reputation in the nanotechnology business world. "I am already receiving congratulations for the courage and success in patent protection. I believe this success will be interesting for business partners and will strengthen their trust in collaborating with our company," confirms Masopust.


Lessons from the Legal Battle

From this legal battle, Elmarco gains important lessons for the future. "Patent protection is crucial, but safeguarding business interests is an entirely different matter. We plan to strengthen our presence in markets and increase personal contact with customers to ensure stronger protection of our business interests in the international environment," emphasizes Masopust.


The defendant has appealed, so Elmarco faces continued proceedings that could last for many months. "However, the victory in the dispute with Foshan Lepton Precision Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. represents a significant milestone in intellectual property protection and sets an important precedent for further legal battles in the field of nanotechnologies," concludes Masopust.


Elmarco's Next Steps

Elmarco plans to continue actively protecting its patents and intellectual property. One of the next steps is informing customers about patent infringements and offering cooperation to ensure legal use of the technology. The company aims to ensure that everyone collaborating with them has a clear understanding of adhering to legal norms.

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