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Sep 12, 2022


Do you need to measure the parameters of your nanotextile samples? Our laboratory equipment is at your disposal for these purposes. We offer the following external sample measurements:


  1. Samples photographing on an electron scanning microscope
  2. Measurement of breathability
  3. Measurement of the water column
  4. Measurement of porometry
  5. Measurement of filtration


Scanning electron microscope (SEM) photography of samples using secondary electrons

Our laboratory will photograph the samples for you, the output of which will be an image of the surface and defects of the given sample in the necessary magnifications.


The samples must first be carefully dried and freed from any remaining liquids. In the case of substances that evaporate poorly or are greasy, a vacuum dryer should be used.


If the samples contain Fe, Co, Ni or ferrites, report this fact to us before the measurement. In these cases, we will use a different microscope and a different electron detector. The image quality will be lower.


If you are not sure whether the given substances can behave as a magnet, report all inorganic elements contained in the sample in the form of crystals or small parts that are not bound in the sample.

We can also provide an elemental analysis of the sample using the energy dispersive spectroscopy method.

  • The method is based on the detection of the characteristic X‑ray radiation emitted by the atoms of the sample excited by the impact of the electron beam
  • Specify the type of elemental analysis in more detail in the dispatch form


Measurements of nanofiber diameters can be ordered in addition to the SEM images.


How to prepare samples for SEM?

Read the instructions for sample preparation for measurement

Open dispatch form - external sample processing for SEM


Additional sample measurement options

We offer the following devices for measuring the properties of your nanomaterial samples. All samples need to be properly labeled, and "Instructions for external sample processing" needs to be filled out.


Read the instructions for external sample processing



  • TEXTEST FX 3300 LabAir IV
  • Standards such as ASTM D737, DIN 53'887
  • Minimum sample size approx. 10cm×10cm
  • The measured area is 20cm2



  • TEXTEST FX 3000 HydroTester IV
  • Standards such as ASTM D689, DIN 53'886
  • Minimum sample size approx. 20cm×20cm
  • The measured area is 100cm2



  • PMI CFP 1200AEL
  • Construction according to the ASTM F316‑03 standard
  • Minimum sample size approx. 5cm×5cm



  • ATI TDA‑100P Automated Filter Tester
  • The particle size of the monodisperse aerosol is 0.3 μm MMD
  • Standards such as ASTM D2986 and Mil‑Std 282
  • Minimum sample size approx. 20 cm×20 cm
  • The measured area is 100cm2

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