WEBINAR RECORDING: Nanofiber Filters - from research, to mass production, to adoption

Nov 28, 2023

Join us at Elmarco Talks where you'll gain valuable knowledge, interact with thought leaders, and connect with a community of professionals passionate about nanofibers and their applications.



What will be discussed?

Nanofibers were first produced through electrospinning over 400 years ago, and the initial patented experiment for nanofiber production took place nearly a century ago. Since then, the field of nanofibers has evolved significantly. Today, thanks to advanced technology and innovative ideas, the range of nanofiber applications continues to expand, as discussed in the previous season of Elmarco’s webinar series. While the concept of utilizing nanofibers in the air filtration industry has been around for some time, only a few products have successfully been brought to the commercial market.


Since 2018, Focus has been integrating nanofiber into air filtration products. At the beginning of Covid Pandemic, we developed and continuously manufactured antiviral face masks with pure nanofiber as filter material. This webinar session will delve into our journey of commercialising nanofiber air filters from various perspectives: Technical, Marketing, and Business. We will share our experiences in nanofiber manufacturing and commercialization, offering valuable insights and information for those interested in launching an industry‑defining nanofiber‑based product.


About the speakers

Mr. Jon Hui is the production engineer of Focus. He specializes in nanofiber manufacturing and has been in charge of electrospinning production since 2019. During the start of CoVID‑19 pandemic, he successfully designed, manufactured and commercialized antiviral face mask with nanofiber filter. Besides manufacturing, he is also in charge of optimization of production process and product development.


Mr. Teddy Miao is the product designer of Focus, and is responsible for the post‑processing of nanofiber media, as well as the design and assembly of air filters. Combining the performance advantages of Focus’ nanofiber media with a partially reusable filter design, Teddy strives to largely reduce the environmental footprint of air filter usage, as well as raise the bar for air quality standards in the industry.


About Focus

Focus was established in Hong Kong in 1983, specializes in manufacturing air filters, especially HEPA grade air filters up to H14 class. Focus introduced the first nanofiber production line in Hongkong in 2018 and started production in 2019, successfully commercialized nanofiber air filters. Besides producing functionalized nanofiber materials for air filters, Focus also cooperates with research institutes to develop new nanofibrous products.


Learn more: https://www.focusfareast.com/ 

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