Elmarco Customer, Materic Launches BioPaper™ Product to Accelerate Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research

Dec 12, 2023

Materic’s BioPaper™ product helps life science researchers improve the development of regenerative medicine therapies, tissue engineering and drug screening capabilities.


Materic, a custom manufacturer of advanced materials in Baltimore, MD recently launched its latest product, BioPaper™. BioPaper is a nanofiber cell scaffold that is formed from biologically derived material, gelatin. Product development and manufacturing was done through electrospinning on the Elmarco NS LAB.


This compact equipment uses Elmarco’s Nanospider™ technology making it a great tool for both research and scaling to industrial manufacturing. The process of electrospinning allows for control over critical properties such as fiber size, porosity, and mechanical properties The system allows for both reproducible production but also tunability so that properties can be modified as needed for to match the extracellular matrix. BioPapers are used in a wide range of applications including 3D cell culture, tissue engineering, bioprinting, and drug screening.


“BioPaper is a great addition to our wide range of nanomaterials.” said Colin Harmer, Business Director at Materic. “It joins our product mix of nanomaterials that includes nanofibers, nanowires, and nanoencapsulants. It also broadens our nanofiber capabilities across markets beyond air and water filtration, gas separation membranes, nonwoven textiles, and medical devices.”


The technology was originally developed under electrospinning company, Dipole Materials, prior to being acquired by Materic in 2021.  Dipole Materials worked with the Naval Research Lab (NRL) on a gelatin tissue engineering project that laid the foundation for the development of BioPaper. The product was further developed in collaboration with Prof. Gymama Slaughter at UMBC with funding received by the Maryland Industrial Partnership (MIPS).  A paper testing cell‑based assays using BioPaper was published in 2018.


BioPaper is available for purchase in EDC‑NHS and Genipin crosslinked gelatin, both with and without a collagen coating.  The products can be made in both multi‑well plates and larger frame sizes.


About Materic:

Based in Baltimore, MD, Materic custom manufactures advanced materials including nanofiber electrospinning, nanoparticle separation, textile treatments, 3D ceramics, 3D bio printing, and encapsulation. Materic’s facility has over 28,000 square feet of total space to accommodate continued product development and manufacturing.

Learn more: www.matericgroup.com


Media Contact:

Colin Harmer

Business Director



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