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Feb 23, 2023


We will present here the photocatalytic activity of different polyacrylonitrile membranes containing photocatalytic nanoparticles. These hybrid membranes will be tested in different photocatalytic membrane reactors towards the degradation of pollutants in water as well as the conversion of CO2 to useful chemicals.




About speaker:

Dr. Mathieu Grandcolas is research scientist focused on nanomaterials development and functional materials. His background is related to the synthesis and shaping of nanostructures as photocatalysts for environmental remediation. Also, he has gained experience in the deposition of nano‑objects as thin films and membranes, the growth of structured metal oxides layers and the functionalization at a nano‑level.



SINTEF is the largest independent contract research organisation in Scandinavia and the 4th largest in Europe. SINTEF has about 2000 employees. It is a multidisciplinary organisation with over 90% of the income coming from commissions from industry and public administration and from national project funding. The Sustainable Energy Technology department has extensive activities in the fields of membranes for separation at low and high temperature, hybrid materials and coatings, modelling and process development.



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