Webinar recording: Electrospinning of Nanoparticle - Nanofiber Composites for Advanced Textile Applications

Dec 1, 2022


Electrospun materials have had an extensive commercial impact for decades in the filtration space to produce single polymer nanofiber non‑woven materials. Although this has been a stable revenue stream for commercial electrospinning, this technology has opportunities for generating a large variety of microstructures for advanced textile applications from athletic wear, to smart textiles, to medical devices. One of the most promising opportunities for new materials and applications is in electrospinning composites using a carrier polymer and a functional additive. At Materic we have developed techniques to produce composite nanofiber microstructures on multiple platforms from lab‑based needle systems to roll‑to-roll needless spinners. We have successfully produced polymer composites with metal nanoparticles, oxide and ceramic nanoparticles, carbon nanostructures, metal organic frameworks, polymer nanoparticles, and bio‑materials. We have been able to produce these composites at scale with up to 50% additive loadings by weight. These materials have beneficial properties over a range of applications including catalysis, electrical sensors, chemical absorbance, antimicrobials, therapeutics and more. Materic will discuss strategies and techniques for producing these materials as well as common challenges and hurdles when fabricating these microstructures.



About speaker:

Dr. Stephen Farias is the Chief Science Officer and Co‑Founder of Materic. He holds a PhD in Materials Science & Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a BSE in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University with a research focus on nanomaterials design and processing techniques. His company, Materic is a venture studio that specializes in the development and scale up of chemical products and custom materials manufacturing from research technology. He has lead technology development and commercialization for several materials engineering startup companies in Materic’s portfolio and successfully lead several companies from academic research technology to launched products and revenue. He has also served as a faculty lecturer at Johns Hopkins University since 2016 in the Departments of Materials Science & Engineering and Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering.


About Materic:

Materic owns and operates companies for specific, difficult to solve, solutions in the materials space. Materic applies its expertise to internal product lines as well as taking on custom manufacturing projects for our customers worldwide. Materic custom designs and manufactures advanced materials from ideation to scale‑up. 


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