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Statement by ELMARCO on the activities of the company Foshan Lepton Precision M & C Tech Co.


Official statement by ELMARCO on the activities of Chinese company Foshan Lepton Precision M & C Tech Co., Ltd.

ELMARCO is the world's leading developer of nanofiber technologies and its NanospiderTM product line is successfully exported worldwide. The company's mission is to develop and supply technology and equipment for the industrial production of nanofibrous materials, and thus contribute to improving the quality of life. ELMARCO provides its customers with the added value of final products as well as a competitive advantage.

To achieve these goals, ELMARCO has spent considerable financial and human resources on the development and promotion of the relevant technologies and has also applied for granting many intellectual properties and maintains granted rights valid in many countries around the world, including along Europe, also USA, China, Japan, etc.

ELMARCO recently discovered that Foshan Lepton Precision M&C Tech Co. manufactures and sells nanofiber production equipment using ELMARCO´s patented technologies. Foshan Lepton Precision M&C Tech Co. acts without consent, authorisation or any kind of cooperation with Elmarco.  

One of the basic values ​​of the company is partnership and open communication with its customers. "We see our customers and suppliers as partners with whom we share both profits and risks or concerns. Therefore, the management of ELMARCO decided to publish a warning letter, which was sent to Foshan Lepton Precision M & C Tech Co. on 22.02.2021," explains Miloslav Masopust, CEO of the company. "With this decision, we want to protect the reputation of ELMARCO and at the same time refute any connection with Foshan Lepton Precision M&C Tech Co. The warning letter is only first step of our further journey," adds Masopust.

ELMARCO's management is convinced that quality control, reliability and safety, as well as flawless / integrity business ethics are absolutely essential for the successful development of the company. Therefore, ELMARCO will protect its rights and inform its business partners about this and possible further cases.

You can read the full text of the warning letter by clicking HERE.