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Elmarco has been operating in the electrospinning machine market since 2004, when we entered into a licensing agreement with the Technical University of Liberec for the revolutionary concept of electrospinning from a free surface that we named Nanospider™. We delivered the first industrial production line based on Nanospider™ technology in 2006, and we established our own 3000 m² research and development center in 2008.

The Nanospider™ machines can produce nanofibers from a wide range of polymers. Our product portfolio includes lab equipment intended for in‑house research and development, semi‑industrial equipment for high value and low volume products, and fully industrial equipment capable of high volume production.

About Nanospider™ technology
Miloslav Masopust, CEO

Continuous development
for the benefit of all

Innovation is a continual process for Elmarco. Since 2010 when we introduced our proprietary second generation Nanospider™ technology, we have made developing new features and new products a priority. The INFINITY line is proof of our progress and introduces our third generation Nanospider™ technology.

The INFINITY line technology is designed for defect‑free nanomaterials production for stringent applications such as liquid filtration, HEPA filtration and battery separators.


Universal technology for nanomaterials production for a wide range of applications such as air filtration, performance apparel and healthcare.

The LINEA line

Laboratory equipment for the efficient research of nanofibrous membranes and experimental work.

Laboratory equipment

in numbers

90  employees
100  worldwide patents
20 years on the market
150  countries covered
250  installed machines
3000 m² research centre

Our sales

Head Office

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Our people

This is where I started my scientific career. I'm one of many researchers who are developing future technology.

Tomas Kyselak, Researcher

What we believe in and what we build

Reliability, safety and a sustainable environment are absolutely necessary for any company development.

Miloslav Masopust, CEO

Quality & safety

Innovation and quality is crucial to providing industry leading nanofiber solutions. That's what drives me and provides me enjoyment working at Elmarco.

Jakub Sieber, Quality Management Specialist


Our aim is to develop and deliver innovative technology and equipment for the industrial production of nanofibrous materials, thereby contributing to improving the quality of life.


We provide our customers with added value and a competitive advantage by providing industrial nanofiber solutions. Our aim is to ensure the continuity and growth of Elmarco while maintaining the highest level of knowledge and BEST equipment performance.

The values that
make us up


We consider our customers and suppliers as partners, and have a vested interest in their success.


We see competition as an opportunity for further improvement of our equipment and a challenge that drives us to continually innovate.


We encourage direct, open and honest communication throughout the company.


We promote teamwork through sharing know‑how and best methods between departments.


We set ambitious but attainable goals.


We are a company of action. No challenge is insurmountable for us.

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