Nanofiber applications
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Nanofiber applications

Liquid filtration

Industrial electrospinning equipment by Elmarco has contributed to the enhancement in performance and value of liquid filtration products across multiple industries. Nanofibrous filtering media could be used for filtration of water, beverages, bio-pharma materials, blood, chemicals, oils, diesel, petrol and others.  With this new tool kit, filtration media designers and filter engineers have been empowered with unprecedented design capabilities.  Nanofibers can be incorporated as a thin coating to enhance traditional substrates or function as a stand alone filtration membrane. Nanospider™ electrospinning enables optimized filtration behavior that is unique to a nanofiber architecture. Nanofiber filtration media not only matches, but it often exceeds the performance of the priciest commercial filtration media:  inexpensive substrate + thin nanofiber coating = superior filtration performance at a lower cost.

Technology description

To obtain high filtration efficiency, the sizes of the channels and pores in the filter material must be adjusted to the sizes of the particles to be filtered. Studies revealed that a nanofiber membrane possessed a better flux throughput than traditional commercial membrane with the same pore size. Key features of nanofibers in liquid filtration include:

- High porosity
- Small pore size
- Interconnected pore structure
- Unique physical and mechanical performance
- Design flexibility for chemical/physical surface functionalization

Nanofiber benefits

Incorporation of Nanospider™ electrospun nanofibers into filtration media helps accomplish some or all of the above and adds superior value to filtration products in diesel fuel engine filtration. The following example shows flat sheet filtration test performance of several diesel fuel filtration media obtained at a third party testing lab, which highlights the dramatic improvement of media containing nanofibers over marginal and high performing commercial media. Flat sheet test results are indicative of full filter performance and are routinely used by filtration media and filter design engineers to select and develop their products.

Initial particulate filtration efficiency