Nanospider ™ equipment
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Elmarco │ Nanospider ™ equipment


″Nanofibers for fingerprints″

Blog post: Ultrafast identification of latent fingerprints by using nanofiber membrane prepared with electrospinning technology


See us at the Fiber Society Conference

Elmarco joins the Fiber Society Spring 
Conference. Visit our lecture or see live
electrospinning process demonstration
on Nanospider™ equipment.

May 21 - 23, 2014
Liberec, Czech Republic


″Reality must take precedence″

Blog post: Nanofibers, ideas, applications. Nothing is more satisfying than results.

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Nanospider™ electrospinning equipment

Elmarco is the industry´s first supplier of industrial scale electrospinning equipment.
Elmarco´s needle-free Nanospider™ technology is designed for effective production of the highest quality nanofibers.