Nanofiber applications
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Nanofiber applications


Nanofibers are highly engineered textiles defined as fibers with diameters less than 500 nm. Researchers around the globe are developing new uses for nanofibers in the broadest imaginable range of applications. Nanofibers often become a unique component of materials integrated deep inside of finished products.

Elmarco works with customers and researchers to demonstrate how nanofibers can benefit end products as well as to develop totally new materials or solutions to improve final product and find new applications. The Nanospider™ technology provides an easy scale up from laboratory to industrial scale and its high volume production capability accelerates nanofiber products introduction into the market.  

Nanofiber materials are used in a fascinating array of end products. This section highlights only a few application areas and end products which benefit from the use of nanofibers.