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Air filtration - Gas turbines

Complete production line with two spinning unit capacity, delivered to filter media and final filter manufacturers. Elmarco's turn-key solution included entire technology integration and peripheral delivery. A light nanofiber layer deposited onto cellulose filter media ensures target filtration efficiency at a significantly lower pressure drop with good cleanability.  

  • Two spinning units in line, 1.6 m coating width
  • Full set of peripherals, incl. adhesion module, AC unit, polymer preparation
  • Roll-to-roll in 24/7 operation, three shifts a day
  • Continuous in-line quality check
  • Polyamide 6 (Nylon 6) nanofibers coated onto cellulose filter media
  • Final product grade MERV14 / EN779-F8 filtration efficiency 
  • Multiple lines operating in US, Europe and Middle East