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DiPole Materials and Elmarco s.r.o. launch formal business partnership


DiPole Materials and Elmarco to collaborate on active program to drive new US business opportunities for nanofiber equipment and materials capabilities.

DiPole Materials, LLC, an electrospinning company that specializes in custom nanofiber manufacturing, and Elmarco s.r.o., the industry′s leading electrospinning equipment supplier, today announced the launch of a formal partnership to drive mutual equipment and nanofiber materials opportunities in the US.

Under the terms of the partnership, DiPole Materials – which deploys the Elmarco Nanospider™ for its custom nanofiber manufacturing – and Elmarco will collaborate on a dynamic program to accelerate co-promotion of the DiPole team’s expertise in materials science blended with Elmarco expertise in nanofiber production equipment.  

As part of this program, DiPole Materials and Elmarco will host a regularly scheduled series of workshops at the DiPole Materials laboratory while collaborating on a range of cross-promotion efforts across the US.

“This is an exciting milestone for us at DiPole,” said Ken Malone, co-founder and CEO of DiPole Materials. “With the Elmarco Nanospider™, we’ve been able to expand our market reach in custom materials science. We now have a great opportunity to cross-promote our respective strengths to take advantage of the growing demand for quality nanofiber manufacturing equipment and production.”

“This partnership represents a true opportunity to accelerate distribution of our Elmarco product line as well as drive the overall nanofiber industry,” said Miloslav Masopust, CEO of Elmarco. “Since our founding, we’ve focused on designing and building equipment that delivers the highest quality product to meet the wide range of industry’s nanofiber needs. We look forward to partnering with DiPole Materials to leverage our common areas of focus and accelerate new business opportunities.”

About Elmarco s.r.o.:
Elmarco s.r.o, based in the Czech Republic, is the electrospinning industry´s leading supplier of industrial scale electrospinning equipment. Founded in 2000, Elmarco´s product suite is based on needle-free Nanospider™ electrospinning technology designed for effective, industrial-scale production of the highest quality nanofibers. Learn more: 

About DiPole Materials:
Dipole Materials is an electrospinning company, based in Baltimore, MD, that specializes in custom nanofiber manufacturing to meet a range of industry applications, including cell culture, tissue engineering, water filtration, technical textiles like piezoelectric yarns, catalysis and more. DiPole Materials’ off-the-shelf product suite includes patented BioPaper technology that serves as a 3D nanofiber-based cell scaffold for 3D cell culture and bioprinting. Learn more:

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