NS AC2000

NS AC2000

Precision Air Conditioning unit

The NS AC unit provides outstanding accuracy and precision of output humidity and temperature across a broad range of ambient environments - output temperature accuracy +/- 1 °C and output humidity accuracy +/- 3% RH.

The NS AC2000 precision air conditioning unit provides sufficient capacity for industrial nanofiber production scale. The NS AC2000 is designed for specific Nanospider™ equipment needs in moderate regions and environments.

Besides the nanofiber production, the NS AC units can be used also for other sensitive manufacturing processes employed in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and other industries.

Process air INLET: 2000 m3/hour
INLET temperature: 18,0 - 30,0 °C
INLET humidity: 1,5 - 13,0 g/kg
OUTLET temperature: 20,0 - 25,0 °C
OUTLET specific humidity: 1,5 - 9,0 g/kg
OUTLET temperature accuracy: +/- 1 °C
OUTLET humidity accuracy: +/- 3% RH
External pressure: 200 Pa
Relative to p = 1013 mbar and σ = 1,2 kg/m3

NS AC units product profile  NS AC units product profile - 1 100 kB



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