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NS AC2000

NS AC2000

Precision Air Conditioning unit

The NS AC2000 unit provides sufficient dehumidification capacity for industrial nanofiber production lines, covering multiple spinning units and full set of in- and off-line peripherals.

Digitally controlled NS AC2000 precision dehumidification unit benefits from NS AC family features - humidity and temperature are controlled independently, in the range of 20,0 - 25,0 °C and 1,5 - 9,0 g/kg of specific humidity. Output accuracy +/- 1 °C and  +/- 3% RH.

The NS AC2000 humidity controller can be used not only for nanofiber manufacturing, but also for other moisture sensitive processes at industrial scale.

Process air INLET: 2000 m3/hour
INLET temperature: 18,0 - 30,0 °C
INLET humidity: 1,5 - 13,0 g/kg
OUTLET temperature: 20,0 - 25,0 °C
OUTLET specific humidity: 1,5 - 9,0 g/kg
OUTLET temperature accuracy: +/- 1 °C
OUTLET humidity accuracy: +/- 3% RH
External pressure: 200 Pa
Relative to p = 1013 mbar and σ = 1,2 kg/m3

NS AC units product profile  NS AC units product profile - 1 100 kB



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