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The first instalation of NanospiderTM equipment in cleanroom of National Tissue Centre


National Tissue Centre (NTC) started its business on 15th September, 2011 in Brno, Czech Republic. Its main goal is to develop and produce medicine for modern therapy, so-called advanced therapies and process tissues and cells in top quality. Very important part of NTC equipment is NanospiderTM, which produces nanofiber material for growing cells. NTC is the first workplace, where Elmarco installed its machine NanospiderTM in so-called cleanroom with high level of cleanliness.

NanospiderTM equipment represents unique technology for industrial scale nanofiber production. The equipment, which is installed in NTC, produces nanofiber material which works as a carrier for growing cells and human tissues. In case of medicine production, especially for bioimplantation, are valid very strict legislative requirement and high criteria for cleanliness level. New NTC workplace, including NanospiderTM production line, also had to fulfil high requirements. 

„NanospiderTM technology is based on electrospinning, which allows usage in cleanrooms. We had to make a change in the equipment and also in in-line peripherals to meet criteria of NTC. Now, we are ready to meet high requirements in other industrial areas,“ said Ing. Peter Popp, the R&D director of Elmarco.

Projects of NTC are mainly connected with development of new types of materials and experimental development, especially Advanced Therapies instruments production. NTC develops new kinds of treatments and medical supplies, which are based on micro and nanotechnology, and is considered as a Czech leader in bioimplantology. Mr Michal Zahradníèek, the chair of the NTC supervisory board says: “We consider our newly opened workplace as a unique project, which we want to keep on European top. That is why we addressed only top suppliers, which we think Elmarco is.”

„We promise a lot from this cooperation. We want to develop not only new instruments based on cells, but we also want Czech Republic and Jihomoravsky region to keep and enhance its position in technology area. Newly opened workplace is good base. Similar laboratories are only in few places on the world. Particularly: Fraunhofer Institut in Germany, Bioheart in South Korea, Indiana Stem Cell and Purdue Nanotechnology Centre and Wake Forest University in USA,“ said Ing. Zahradníèek.

For more information about NTC see: www.natic.cz/EN

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