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Special nano tech Award for Nanospider™


Czech Republic was awarded a special nano tech Award at largest nanotechnology event
in Tokyo. The nano tech commitee commended Nanospider™ electrospinning technology, represented by the NS LAB equipment at common Czech exposition.

In addition, nano tech 2014 was the first place where the NS LAB was introduced to
the market, see following link: Press release: NS LAB introduction at nano tech 2014



nano tech Award:

Czech Republic

"Elmarco company exhibited an industrial scale nanofiber production equipment, capable
of producing a thick and homogenous nanofiber layer. The committee commends Elmarco’s internationally-reputed new mechanism of the equipment that realizes high productivity and quality without the use of nozzles."



nano tech 2014

Special Award ceremony at nano tech 2014       The NS LAB electrospinning equipment