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Nanofibers for the 3rd Millenium succeeded for the 5th time


Nanofibers 2012 was held on 4 – 5, June 2012 in Tokyo, Japan. This event was organized by International Nanofiber Symposium and as a co-organizer Elmarco participated. During this event, Elmarco´s conference Nanofibers for the 3rd Millenium was also held, this year for the 5th time.

Nanofibers 2012 took the opportunity to present new scientific findings and generations of value-added innovations in the field of new energy as well as environmental technologies and life sciences. The venue was Japanese Tokyo Institute of Technology. The event welcomed 340 participants and consisted of 39 oral sessions. Top speakers from both – academic and also commercial and industry sphere presented their new ideas and findings, for example:
-    A green approach in electrospinning: suspension electrospinning
-    Nanofibers for applications in breathing sensores
-    Fundamental performance of NF membrane for water treatment

It is important to mention, that 80 % of participants of Nanofibers 2012 were companies from commercial and industrial sphere and 20 % from academical sphere. This fact confirms that nanofibers are becoming more and more important for producers in different industry areas.

As a part of Nanofibers 2012, the 5th volume of Nanofibers for the 3rd Millenium was also held and for the first time in Asia. First two volumes were held in Czech Republic in Prague and another two were organized by Elmarco´s US office, in Raleigh, North Carolina. As a part of N3M, participants could see the live demo of nanofiber production line in our Tokyo office.

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