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International nanofiber conference opens in Prague, and as result of the crisis facing traditional industry, attendance is at a record high


A meeting of leaders from international universities, research and development teams and commercial users of nanotechnology starts in Prague tomorrow (11th March) under the name NANOFIBERS FOR THE 3RD MILLENNIUM - NANO FOR LIFE. A record 250 representatives of scientific institutions and business interests from around the world have confirmed their attendance. Never before has the Czech Republic hosted such a concentration of experts and businessmen in this field. The aim of the meeting is to set off a massive wave of implementation of new nanofiber materials and technologies in everyday life. This mission at once concerns science, research, development and business. This summit, therefore, under the patronage of the Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, is co-organized by Elmarco, the Technical University of Liberec and the North Carolina State University in the USA.

This is only the second time that a summit of this extent has taken place in the Czech Republic. This year, however, we have more than two and a half times as many attendees. We put this down to the huge growth in the need to find solutions to the energy crisis and other international problems, and at the same time to enrich traditional branches, currently in deep recession, with major innovations which could radically change the distribution of strength and opportunities and redraw the map of competitiveness. This concerns auto companies and their suppliers, manufacturers of filtration technology, heating systems, but also energy companies and even governments,” Mr. Ladislav Mareš, co-owner of Elmarco said.

According to Mr. Mareš a role in the growth in attendees has no doubt been played by the fact that the Czech company Elmarco, which produces nanofiber production machines, has chosen the summit on 11th March to unveil the first ever solar cells using nanofibers, capable of producing energy at latitudes which lack sunlight, and significantly cheaper than classical solar cells. Furthermore, their efficiency hardly decreases when artificial light sources are used.

Another first for visitors to the Prague summit is equipment which can solve the problems of filtration and cleansing of waste water, the conduction of operational water, and the recycling of non-drinking water, the desalination of water, the removal of heavy metals, radioactive substances and other harmful agents.

Among the world scientific leaders who are coming to Prague to see these innovations and present their own results are Prof. Dr. Akihiko Tanioka from the Tokyo Institute of Technology , Prof. Dr. Seeram Ramakrishna   from the National University of Singapore  and Prof. Dr. Gregory C. Rutledge from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Czech nanotechnology experts, representatives of the most prestigious institutions in the Czech Republic will also meet at the summit.


Elmarco holds the patent for the production of the Nanospider, internationally unique technology which enables the production of fibers a thousand times finer than human hair on an industrial scale. Elmarco co-operates with some of the most prestigious universities in the world, scientific and research institutions and companies on the development of new nanofiber applications.

 (For more information see:  www.nano3millennium.com )