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Elmarco represents CR within our EU presidency


Czech Company Elmarco, which is the top rate producer of nanofibre materials and machines for their production, and a leader in the development of new similar technologies, is the ‚show window‘ of the Czech Republic within the field of applied research within our country presidency in European Union.  Shortly after Elmarco opened its new research, development, and production centre worth 190 million Czech crowns, which is the only centre of such type worldwide, the nanofibers production technologies from CR were presented to 65 journalists from EU countries.  Elmarco is the only company worldwide producing nanofibres during an industrial process based on the patented technology NanospiderTM.

‘Within the Presidency Press Trip, which is organized by the government of the Czech Republic in order to popularize our country during the European Union Presidency, we had a chance to show how our company managed to overtake the world’ said Ivan Koneèný, Elmarco Chief Executive Officer.  He mentioned that currently Elmarco produces three lines of Nanospider technology, and the company customers include the American government, and also the largest world corporations. In total, Elmarco has sold dozens of devices. The competency centres for sale, development, and marketing are based in USA /North Carolina/ and Japan /Tokyo/.

The nanofibres produced by Nanofiber technology will change life on this planet. The application potential is constantly growing. Hence, Elmarco cooperate with the most prestige world universities, science-research workplaces, and commercial partners within the field of research and development of new applications. Partnership and openness are amongst Elmarco basic values. An important activity of the company is the development of space for the exchange of experience between the theory and practise. The company organizes world summit aiming to start a massive implementation of new nanofibre materials to the world market. The second meeting called Nano for the 3rd Millennium will take place in  Prague from 11th to 12th March  2009, and it will host several specialists worldwide.

The research and innovation activities of Elmarco include the participation of: Technical College Liberec, Academy of Science CR, Chemical-technological College, and Charles University.  The concurrent researches include projects with American North Carolina State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in USA, Stellenbosch University in South Africa, and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation – CSIRO  in Australia. 

The nanofibre applications are suitable for a number of specializations. For example, the application of nanofibers within the medical sphere accelerates the healing of wounds, stops bleeding, and save lives. Nanofibres can transport effective substances from medication wherever required, and release them gradually. It also moves the tissue engineering into different dimensions.

Within the automotive industry, the nanofibres introduce ecological, quiet, and safe cars to the market. Nanofibres in fuel filters have the ability to decrease fuel consumption.  Nanofibres in the sound absorption materials can make a car soundproof and reduce its weight. Another potential field developed for industrial applications, is the production of solar cells with nanofibres, which can in combination with other nanofiber materials both produce and store electrical energy.

Thanks to its activities, Elmarco significantly affects the trends for using nanofibre technologies, and it is amongst others the holder of Nano 50TM, which is awarded by electronically distributed prestige magazine Nanotech Briefs - official NASA periodical, and the holder of two nominations for Index Award from Geneva trade fair INDEX 08, which included six hundred exhibitors – producers of nonwoven textiles worldwide.