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Elmarco Reorganization; Group Management Team Appointed Effective August 1st, 2013


Elmarco’s Board of Directors has appointed Miloslav Masopust, Fred Lybrand, Kaz Nomoto and Aleš Gardián to serve as the Company’s leadership team.  The team has been working for the company and with each other in the same or similar positions for several years. The Group management team reports directly to the Board of Elmarco Group and is responsible for global sales, business development and for exploring the commercial potential of nanofiber applications.    


The appointment comes following the departure of previous Group CEO, Peter Hawlan. 
Each member of the Group management team has an individual area of responsibility and they make decisions together as a team. Within the team individual responsibilities are defined in the following way:

Miloslav Masopust – CEO of Elmarco s.r.o. (Europe), responsible for HQ administration.


Fred Lybrand – CEO of Elmarco Inc. (US), Head of US office, responsible for global business development and for sales in US and European sales region.


Kaz Nomoto – CEO of Elmarco Ltd. (Asia), Head of Japan office, responsible for sales
in Asian sales region.


Aleš Gardián – CTO, responsible for global R&D projects.


The main task of the appointed management team will be to extend the business successes in the market of nanofiber equipment.  Elmarco focuses primarily in two main applications – air filtration and outdoor sportswear membranes – and to identify other promising areas for further growth in future.


Peter Hawlan, acting CEO of Elmarco Group for the last three years, has left the company effective July 31st 2013. Peter Hawlan was responsible for company operation optimization and for business development across all application areas. During his acting Elmarco received orders for the largest NanospiderTM installations in history of the company, further establishing the company as a leader in filtration and advanced membranes.


„We’re very fortunate to work with the world leaders in filtration and membrane manufacturing – Peter was instrumental in helping us focus our organization in those areas and we are very appreciative of his time with the Company,“ said CTO Aleš Gardián.


About Elmarco

Elmarco works with world leaders in filtration and advanced membranes using the company’s pioneering industrial scale nanofiber production equipment. Elmarco’s unique NanospiderTM technology is designed for ease of use, scalability, modularity and flexibility in producing
the highest quality nanofiber membranes. The global headquarters are in Liberec, Czech Republic, with two sales and services offices in Morrisville, NC, USA, and in Tokyo, Japan. Elmarco employs about 85 people worldwide, including 35 R&D specialists.