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Elmarco presenting at WFC 11


Elmarco is pleased to announce, that it will present demo of its new production line NS 1WS500U at World Filtration Congress (WFC) in Graz, Austria.

WFC is important filtration event in 2012 and Elmarco is pleased to be part of the 11th volume of this event.
It is also great opportunity to introduce new production line NS 1WS500U and its life demo publicly. Production line NS 1WS500U is a versatile equipment capable to produce nanofibers efficient for numerous applications, including air and liquid filtration. Concerning air filtration media design, Elmarco offers Figure of Merit as a method for nanofiber coating optimization to reach ambitious targets for efficiency and pressure drop. Elmarco′s lecture at World Filtration Congress reveals this method.
We are looking forward to see you there!
WFC 11
Booth A8
April 16 – 20, 2012
Graz, Austria