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Elmarco opens showroom in Tokyo


Elmarco has opened Tokyo showroom on ground floor of the same building of Elmarco office in Tama, Tokyo, Japan. Our customers and partners can see demonstration of nanofiber electrospinning production process in the showroom.

Since Elmarco established its office in Tokyo in January 2009 as a customer support center throughout Asia, Elmarco have been promoting Nanofiber equipment and technology to our customers and partners in Asia.  Successful development of business in recent years allowed Elmarco to open its showroom in Tokyo for further fast expansion and growth of our business in Asia.

The most popular two models were selected to be displayed in the showroom. Production Line NS 4S1000U is the state-of-the-art Nanofiber production line for commercial production of Nanofiber web. NS LAB 200 is perfect model for R&D as well as small sample production with various kinds of polymer.

Customers are invited to come to Elmarco Tokyo showroom and to see actual production process of nanofiber web. In the press release meeting held in Tokyo on January 20, 2011, Kaz Nomoto, President & CEO of Elmarco Ltd. said  “We are very proud of providing you with this opportunity. Particularly Production Line NS 4S1000U gives the first opportunity for our customers to see process for large scale production in Asia”.

Elmarco will organize “Open House” at Tokyo Showroom on Monday, February 14 and Tuesday, February 15, 2011 as a public event, and arrange demonstration of electro spinning production process as well as seminar sessions.

Hiroko Tamura (Ms.) Office manager,Elmarco Ltd. E-mail:hiroko.tamura@elmarco.com

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