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Elmarco open new research, development, and production centre


Czech company Elmarco, which is the world recognized producer of machines for nanofiber production, today opened a new research, development, and production centre. The two floor building in Liberec industrial zone Liberec North with 3,000 m² surface area is the only centre of such type in the world. The costs for constructing and equipping the unique centre for nanofibers technology reached 190 million Czech crowns. Approximately 75 million Czech crowns of the total amount were provided by the structural funds of European Union, precisely the Operation program Industry and Innovations EU – program Potential.

‘The task for the centre is to continue in the development of nanofiber materials and expand the application options of our patented technology NanospiderTM, which can industrially produce nanofibers as the only one in the world.  ‘It will represent a base for expanding such technologies of the third millennium’, said Ivan Koneèný , the Elmarco Chief Executive Officer. Hence, our new working premises include particularly first rate laboratory areas, which are used for further development of NanospiderTM technology development within the whole scope of applications, highlighted Mr Koneèný.

All domestic and oversees universities, which cooperated with the company, will participate in the research and innovation activities of Elmarco in the new centre. The domestic academic and scientific workplaces include Technical University Liberec, Academy of sciences of the Czech Republic, Chemical-Technological College, and Charles University. The concurrent researches include projects with American Karolina State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in USA, Stellenbosch University in South Africa, and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation – CSIRO in Australia.

Elmarco, which has for several years been a leader in the development of nanofiber materials, their applications, and machines for their industrial production, in 2008 invested in the development of Czech Republic base and particularly in the global development.  Currently, it has internationally experienced management and competency centres for the EU, USA, and Asia, which in the respective territory offer the services and products of Elmarco in timely manner. The user base of the unique, patent protected technology NanospiderTM, which was developed by Elmarco together with Liberec Technical University, currently includes over thirty customers worldwide.

Due to its activities, Elmarco significantly affects the trends for using nanofiber technologies, and it is amongst others the holder of Nano 50TM , which is awarded by electronically distributed prestige magazine Nanotech Briefs - official NASA periodica, and the holder of two nominations for Index Award from Geneva trade fair INDEX 08, which included six hundred exhibitors – producers of nonwoven textiles worldwide.