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Elmarco greeted Czech president Vaclav Klaus


During his three-day visit to the region around Liberec, the president of the Czech Republic visited Elmarco s.r.o. on the 20th April, 2011.

Vaclav Klaus had the opportunity to hear a short presentation about Elmarco, its visions and plans for the future. The executive head of Elmarco, Mr. Ladislav Mares, gave the main part of the presentation and also demonstrated the nanofiber production process using Elmarco‘s NanospiderTM technology. The President´s visit followed his discussion with students at the Technical University of Liberec.

President Vaclav Klaus commented during his visit, „The success of Elmarco is an example for other Czech companies. I am going to watch Elmarco with much interest. I plan to visit the company again in the near future in order to stay aware of other news in this area“.

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