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Elmarco Day was held in Czech Pavilion at EXPO 2010 Shanghai


Elmarco, the world recognized producer of machines for industrial scale nanofiber production organised a special event called „Elmarco Day“ which was held in Czech Pavilion at EXPO 2010 Shanghai on Saturday, October 16, 2010.

Inovative and unique Elmarco’s NanospiderTM production process was selected as one of the exhibits in the Czech Pavilion at EXPO 2010 and has been shown there since the opening day in May. EXPO 2010 is the first time for the Czech Republic to demonstrate its strong position in nanotechnology innovation at an international level.

The exhibit „Nano for Future“ consists of the giant sculptured Elmarco’s NanospiderTM which shows the production process to the visitors. Fibres rise from a huge reservoir made of glass, which contains the cylindrical electrode, “coating” the globe model of the earth placed over the visitor’s heads. This picture symbolizes the possible nanofiber benefits for improving the quality of human life and represents a contemporary example of the creativity and innovative abilities of Czech scientists and technicians. Visitors can also observe examples of practical uses of nanofibre textiles including the seawater desalination.

The principle of NanospiderTM is very simple: fibres 200 times thinner than a human hair are created on the surface of a cylindrical electrode without any usage of nozzles from a polymer. Elmarco has pioneered the production of robust electro spinning machines, which are applicable both for laboratory research and full-scale industrial production. Elmarco is the only manufacturer of such machines in the world.

The „Elmarco Day“ was an opportunity for professionals to learn more about Elmarco technology and discuss it with specialists as technical seminar and video presentation were the main agenda of the event.

„Nanofiber materials enable energy-saving filters suitable for air purification or drinking water treatment, more powerful solar cells or batteries and unique materials for faster and more effective wound care or substitution of damaged tissues and many other applications Elmarco is very pleased to organize this event together with Czech pavilion. Having the technical seminar in famous EXPO site in Shanghai, professional academic and industrial people in China can learn about significant benefits of nanofiber.” explained Kaz Nomoto, President & CEO of Elmarco Ltd. who is responsible to entire Asian business in Elmarco global organizations.


Elmarco Day at Expo