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Elmarco and ITRI, Taiwan cooperate closely for the commercialization program of Nanofibers for various applications


Elmarco, the  world  recognized  producer  of  machines  for  industrial  scale  nanofiber  production, and Industrial  Technology  Research  Institute  (ITRI)  in  Taiwan  announced  that  both  parties  will  work  very closely  in  order  to  speed  up  the  commercialization  of  various  nanofiber  integrated  products  into  the market.
Elmarco  and  ITRI  held  a  technical  seminar  about  application research of nanofiber technology on February 18, 2011 at ITRI campus  in  Hsinchu  City,  Taiwan. The invited audience included many professionals from   both   industrial and academic fields in Taiwan.  
The  latest  development  in  nanofiber  research  and  the  wide range  of  applications  were  discussed  and  shared  by  all attendees.  The seminar included a demo of Elmarco‘s NS Lab equipment,  which  enables  nanofiber  material  research  and development activities using the cutting edge Nanospider™ production technology.  
ITRI further decided to introduce Elmarco‘s NS Production Line  1000, in order to speed up research programs as well as  technology transfer to its industrial partners for their commercialization programs.
Elmarco‘s NS Production Line 1000 is one of the latest models optimized for non water soluble polymers such as PA6, PAN, PES  or  PVDF. The production line was installed at ITRI research center in Hsinchu City in September 2011. This will allow nanofibers to be produced on an industrial scale for a number of applications.   
"We  are  very  pleased  that  ITRI  has  chosen  Elmarco  as  the  equipment  supplier  for  its  program  for  commercialization  of nanofiber related products into  the market.  We believe that this relationship will lead to a quick and successful commercialization program in Taiwan," said Kaz Nomoto, President & CEO of Elmarco Ltd. 

ITRI    NS 4S1000U
      Technical seminar about             Production Line 1000 - NS 4S1000U
      nanotechnology at ITRI

About Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) 

The Industrial Technology Research Institute, founded in 1973, conducts research and development in applied technologies. After more than thirty years of hard work, ITRI’s tradition of excellence in industrial research is entering a new stage of technological innovation and radical change.   
In the field of material, chemical and nanotechnology, ITRI collaborates with the prominent industries in Taiwan to develop display materials and modules, electronic components modules and materials, and high-tech fibers and precision chemical materials that are necessary to transform the textile industry and chemical industry, thereby promote the establishment of high-value industries and application of nanotechnology by traditional industries.
With over 6,000 employees and an operating budget of about US$510 million, ITRI is the largest research institute in Taiwan.
As of 2006, over 160,000 alumni have graduated from ITRI, with more than 140,000 of them currently employed in the business community.
For more information, please visit: www.itri.org.tw

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