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Elmarco’s Nanofiber production machinery will be presented at “International Nanofiber Symposium 2009, JAPAN”


Czech company Elmarco, the first supplier of nanofiber machinery in an industrial scale, has decided to show its production machine ”NS-Pilot Line 1000”at a symposium called “International Nanofiber Symposium 2009, JAPAN” on June 18th and 19th in Tokyo, JAPAN.

This symposium is aimed at identifying various industrial applications and discussing the latest trend  of nanofibers. Participants will include technology leaders from universities, companies and governmental institutions.

The symposium consists of three sections, lectures, poster sessions and a technical exhibition.
At the technical exhibition, Elmarco’s ”NS-Pilot Line 1000”will be shown for the first time in Asia.

”NS-Pilot Line 1000”,one of the Elmarco’s product lines using the patent protected NanospiderTM Technology is able to continuously produce nanofibers in an industrial scale with 1.0m width. With this machinery, Elmarco has the great advantage of proposing lots of solutions to customers, such as air or liquid filtration, antimicrobial items, solar panels or fuel cell separators.

In addition to the exhibition of the machinery, Elmarco’s CEO, Mr. Ladislav MARES will have a lecture at the symposium from 16:20 to 17:00 on June 18th. His lecture’s title is”NANOSPIDER TECHNOLOGY- the solution for production of nanofiber applications from lab scale to industrial level”.The summery of its lecture is attached at the end of this letter.


NS Pilot Line 1000

Elmarco’s NS Pilot Line allows nanofibers to be produced on a semiindustrial scale for a number of applications. The Elmarco NS Pilot Line is ideally suited for new products and low to moderate volume applications. The NS Pilot Line is the perfect complement to the NS Lab which is designed for nanofiber research and development activities, and the NS 1600, a full scale production unit.

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