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″We cannot live without electricity″


″He contributed to the development of electrical engineering in the Czech Republic, and what is not powered by electricity these days? We cannot live without it.″

Vladimír Bílek on František Křižík


There are many ways to make a nanofiber – so many that we are often the first to say that there is little value in making one.  The true value comes in knowing what to do with a nanofiber membrane, controlling it, and using it to improve performance in the chosen field of application.

In our experience, the usage of electricity is a crucial control variable.

It functions like the rudder on an airplane. 

That extra layer of control is crucial to being able to properly pair the NF membrane with a  substrate, control the thickness of the fibers, the thickness of the membrane itself and a host of other variables which are crucial to enabling performance.  Performance drives adoption.

Just as our quote references one of the early electrical engineering pioneers, who happened to be Czech, usage of electricity in the process is essential – ″we cannot live without it.″