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″Developers, developers, developers,...″


″Developers, developers, developers, developers, developers,...″

Steve Balmer, CEO Microsoft, Retired


Developers are just as important in pioneering new materials as they are in pioneering new apps, operating systems and other components in the software supply chain. In the physical materials space, developers work at the bench, at the lab and out in the field, creating new materials, characterizing their performance and measuring their performance. 

In materials, it is often faster to prototype new materials by making them, rather than modeling them.

At our 2009 nanofiber conference in Raleigh, NC, our friends at the NC State University College
of Textiles pointed out that it would take decades of computer time to model the turbulent
air flows of particulate across a nanofiber filter media.

It is much quicker to just make the new material and see how it does.

The revised NS LAB is designed exactly for this group. Just like the Mac enabled a new era of desk top publishing, we want the NS LAB to further develop the state of the art in nanofiber membrane materials research.

The new bench top rig is the smallest product to utilize our wire electrode system and it does so at a lower price point than any produce we previously released to market. We′re excited about this tool and we′re excited to see what the developer community does with it.