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Nanofibers for the 3rd Millennium


Video conferences, phone calls and email are great, but the dialog created with a group of driven people with the same interests physically together is extremely valuable.  We first hosted the conference in the Czech Republic in 2007 - at the time there were a lot of expectations about what nanofibers could possibly become. 

Eight years later we′re excited to be doing a special one day partnership in Miami with INDA in February alongside their RISE show.  RISE focuses on new product innovation.  The conference has served to bring together two very different types of nanofiber pioneer - the academic and industrial groups.  Elmarco has two primary customer sets - academic customers buy our equipment after having worked with home built or other smaller units.  Industrial customers work with us because of our experience in doing line integration and because of the domain experience we′ve developed in a number of applications.  

Materials science innovation moves slowly.  As a small vendor with many customers, events like this help move the whole market.  Potential customers can speak with current customers.  Lab tool users can talk about what they′ve seen work at the bench and how it could lead to attractive economics in the plant.  It is an honor to be able to work with INDA and we hope that this will open up other similar events globally.  

Just like in 2007, there are more applications that make use of nanofibers than we could ever hope to support.  Some customers want to work with us to develop applications, others want to purchase equipment and have us support them just like they would any other membrane or nonwoven equipment maker would.  Our goal is to provide our customers with what they need to be successful with high performance membrane and nonwoven applications.  

The conference provides an ecosystem of peers and potential suppliers to help current and potential Elmarco customers understand what does and does not work when developing new nanofiber applications.  We hope to see you there.