Electrospinning unit
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Electrospinning unit NS 4S1000U

NS Production Line NS 4S1000U


Elmarco′s NS Production Line NS 4S1000U allows nanofibers to be produced on a semi-industrial scale for a number of various applications. The Nanospider™ Production Line
NS 4S1000U is designed as standalone electrospinning unit and are ideally suited for:

  • New product introduction
  • Early stage manufacturing

This nanofiber equipment is the perfect complement to the NS LAB which is designed
for nanofiber materials research and development activities, and the NS Production Line
NS 8S1600U, full scale industrial production unit.


Elmarco′s electrospinning unit can be configured to work with a wide variety of polymers and to produce a wide range of organic and biodegradable nanofibers. Depending on the polymer used, fiber diameters from 80 nm up to 700 nm (+/- 30%) are possible. In addition, the NS Production Line NS 4S1000U can accommodate various types of substrate materials.

Main features

  NS 4S1000U
 Number of spinning electrodes: 4
 Spinning electrode width: 1000 mm
 Effective width of nanofiber layer: 300 - 1000 mm
 Spinning distance: 150 - 250 mm
 Exhaust ventilation:1) 2000 m3/hour

Operating parameters 

 Operating staff required: 1
 Substrate speed:3) 0,2 - 12,0 m/min
 Working temperature: 20 - 30 °C
 Working humidity (RH): 20 - 40%
 Start-up time: up to 20 min
 Regular maintenance:2) 15 hours/month

including peripherals
2) depending on process
3) depends on unwind / rewind system

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