CRD services
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CRD services

Custom developments

Fast development of nanofiber applications requires a combination of Elmarco′s experience and knowledge in production technology and materials in addition to the specific application know-how of our customers.

Elmarco provides customized research and development services
(CRD) to develop unique processes and materials, using its state of the art Nanospider™ technology and equipment.

Development services

We offer a full range of development services from initial laboratory tests to full scale production samples:

  • Development of electrospinning processes for customer specific polymers and substrates
  • Development of application specific processes including peripheral equipment
  • Initial laboratory developments and tests
  • Laboratory and production scale samples

We are committed to work with our customers and partners to meet their individual requirements and specifications.

Standard samples of nanofibers and nanofiber material

Elmarco offers a variety of standard laboratory and production scale samples with wide variety of polymers, supporting substrates, area weights and fiber diameters.