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The nanofiber market is projected to grow nearly to $4.3 billion in 2023

The market is estimated $927 million in 2018 and further CAGR of 36.2% to 2023.


Most cited Czech patents - 3rd place

Elmarco among top companies in the list of the most cited Czech patents.


Elmarco at autumn events

INDA´s Filtration and RISE, Bio Japan, ...


Nanofiber facemasks from Hong Kong

Watch NS 1S500U in operation - watch Hong Kong′s TV reportage (only in Chinese).

Elmarco company

Nanofibers 2012
Nanofibers 2012
Russian delegacy of government members  05/2012 (I)
Russian delegacy of government members  05/2012 (I)
Elmarco research and development center in Liberec
Working with microscope