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Key features of nanofibers

Nanofibers are highly engineered fibers with diameters less than 500 nm (1 nm = 10-9 m).  
In comparison meltblown or spunbond micro fibers range in the area of 0.9 to several micrometers and e.g. merino wool fibers range around 12-24 micrometers. A human hair has a diameter around 80 micrometers and is about 200 times bigger in diameter than an average nanofiber.

Elmarco is the first company to provide commercially available industrial scale equipment for the production of nanofibers. Our proprietary Nanospider™ electrospinning process allows our customers to make nanofibers with distinct fiber diameters from 80 nm to 500 nm or higher with a standard deviation of fiber diameter of 30% or less. The fiber diameter always relates to particular spinning conditions and chosen material of nanofibers.

Due to its dimensions and thus to its unique features, nano-materials show an incremental improvement of final products (for example nanofibers in comparison to micro-materials).

Properties of Non-Woven from Nanofibers

  • Low density of nanofibers
  • Large specific surface area of nanofibers
  • Small pore size
  • High porosity – good breathability
  • Excellent mechanical properties in proportion to weight
  • Possibility to incorporate different additives

Thanks to the ultimate properties of Nanospider™ technology, the nanofibers bring opportunities to create new unique materials in numerous applications.