Drug delivery
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Drug delivery

Drug delivery

We offer a novel method for improvement of pharma bioavailability, especially for poorly soluble drugs. The method based on electrospun nanofibers provides possibility to incorporate active pharma ingredients (API) into polymeric biodegradable nanofibers
that naturally allow the drug delivery system to release the drug fast.

Laboratory tests proved that the principle can be applied for wide range of drugs and
for various drug delivery types, e.g. oral, rectal, vaginal, transdermal and others.

Benefits for drug delivery system

  • Controlled drug release profile
  • Formulation for poorly soluble drugs from BCS II or BCS IV
  • Drug delivery system with high bioavailability

Benefits for pharma manufacturers

  • Innovation of currently used formulations
  • IP protection extension thanks to new formulation
  • API volume reduction in drug delivery system
  • Decreasing of toxicological burden for body

The Nanospider™ technology used for nanofiber production is designed for easy scale up from laboratory to industrial level production, sufficient for bulk pharma manufacturing.