Depth air filtration
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Depth air filtration

Depth air filtration

The evolving maturity of Elmarco’s nanofiber technology enables further adoption into gradient filtration media for air filtration applications where particles load within the depth of the filter structure. Elmarco’s nanofiber layer enables key performance features such as high porosity, small fiber diameter and pore size, and high specific surface area. These features enhance the overall performance of gradient filtration composite media resulting in high mechanical filter efficiency, high dust loading capacity, and low pressure drop. These performance advantages lower the kWh usage profile of filters in application leading to lower system operating costs.




Depth air filtration

Picture: Nanospider™ electrospun nanofibers in multi-layer composite media
A multi-layer composite media with nanofiber layer enables to develop 100% synthetic media with MERV15 filtration performance, together with high mechanical stability and durability.

Mechanical type filtration 

Mechanical filters are the most versatile of all filter types and cover wide air filter range. As mechanical filters load with particles over time, their collection efficiency and pressure drop typically increase. Conversely, electrostatic filters, which are composed of polarized fibers, may lose their collection efficiency over time or when exposed to certain chemicals, aerosols, or high relative humidities.

Proven concept 

Reference filterFeasibility of the concept was proven by reference filter project in all necessary design and manufacturing steps.
The multi-layer composite media concept offers designers
by numerous design parameters to optimize their final filter design.



Download PDF brochures for more information:

Nanofibers for Depth air filtration - Application note

Nanofibers for Depth air filtration - Reference filter spec sheet