Nanofiber applications
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Nanofiber applications

Air filtration

By simply adding thin coatings of Nanospider™ electrospun nanofibers to traditional filtration substrates, the filtration performance is enhanced several fold. Arguably, the only commercially available technology able to produce submicron fibers with narrow fiber diameter distribution and discrete diameter size increments, Nanospider™ electrospinning enables optimized filtration behavior that is unique to a nanofiber architecture. Nanofiber filtration media not only matches, it often exceeds the performance of the priciest commercial filtration media. The value proposition becomes evident: inexpensive substrate + thin nanofiber coating = superior filtration performance at a lower cost.

Technology description

The filtration benefits of Nanospider™ electrospun nanofiber webs originate from a combination of features that differentiates them from all other filter media technology. Nanospider™’s ability to deposit a monolayer of continuous fibers results in highly porous webs of very light weight, finished materials.

Data below summarize some of the main characteristics of nanofiber webs produced by Nanospider™, which improve the filtration performance of the media into which they are incorporated.

                          Submicron fiber diameter
                          Tunable average fiber diameters between 0.075 µm
                          and 0.250 µm, in 0.025 µm increments
                          Larger fiber diameters also available
                          Large surface area and high porosity
                          High porosity – 60-90% (low solidity)
                          Pore size between 0.1 µm and 3 µm
                          Relatively narrow pore size distribution
                          Surface area 10-100 m2/g
                          Efficiency and air flow optimization
                          Integration with a wide range of substrates
                          Enables High Flow composite media with superior filtration efficiency
                          Wide material selection
                          Broad range of known polymer materials and their blends
                          Ability to incorporate additives into the fibers

Nanofiber benefits

Submicron fibers significantly improve air filtration efficiency of media and filters. The submicron fiber range provides better filter efficiency in the interception and inertial impaction regimes. A wide range of design parameters allow media design experts to optimize the interaction between flow, efficiency and filter life.

Click here to see representative fractional filtration efficiency curves for Elmarco NanospiderTM nanofiber coated filtration media.